Sunday, 20 March 2011

Paul Valery - Bel Ami

Paul Valery

Eye color: Brown
Height: 185
Weight: 72
Hair color: Brown
Zodiac: Scorpio
Dick type: Thick
Dick size: 20

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Paul is famously portrayed on the cover of “Rebel.” He is lively, charming and somewhat intense, with an interest in anything mystical or experimental. He enjoys light to strong bondage and S/M — and many models try to escape through the window because of this, which George Duroy finds amusing. “He is prone to trying, at least once, psychotropic drugs like mushrooms and peyote,” George says. “While it may seem like a cute little hobby, it can be a major cause of concern if ingested during filming.” Paul definitely has his own sense of humor and even his own vocabulary, of sorts. George and the Bel Ami staff often laugh when they receive text messages from Paul containing words and phrases better left where they originated in the 1930s and ‘40s. George finds it hard to categorize Paul. “He is bright, but not bound by rules, and full of contradictions.” Paul went on to run his own production company, but his beginning at Bel Ami was not auspicious. George did not see anything special and [more] passed on him. “I am happy I changed my mind and we brought him back,” George says.

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