Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Bruno Santos

Bruno Santos is a Brazilian Top Model and famous in the Fashion industry, absolutly hot
Bruno Santos was born December 8, 1978 in Brazil.
The tall, dark and handsome South American star is one of the emerging model sensations that hail from Brazil in recent years. In fact, he is the only male model who was selected to carry out two blockbuster campaigns simultaneously for two competing fashion houses, Versace and Giorgio Armani.

Bruno did not have an easy childhood when he grew up with three brothers and one sister. He has had many jobs since the age 12. Bruno worked on construction and even on a farm during his younger days. His grandmother believes that his chiseled
physique is a result of hard work as a child. Besides the obvious good looks, Bruno is academically excellent in school. He was an engineering student before he became a model. He was even teaching math on the side.

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