Monday, 8 February 2016

Greg Plitt - How to Gain Huge Muscles

How model and fitness guru Greg Plitt stays fit 
Greg Plitt calls the gym his “office.” But the 36-year-old American fitness model and
Hollywood actor doesn’t view working out as, well, work.
“It’s not a job,” he tells Keeping Fit by phone from Los Angeles. “You can’t look
 at it like, ‘Ohhh, I’ve got to go to the gym today.’” Nope. Plitt, whose movie credits include Grudge Match, Terminator Salvation and Watchmen, prefers to think of exercise as therapy.
And not just therapy for his chiselled, hard-as-granite physique.
“The gym for me has always been a safe haven where I can battle stresses and stuff,”
explains the retired U.S. Army Ranger captain who graduated from the prestigious U.S.
 Military Academy at West Point. (northumberlandtoday.)

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Greg Plitt - How to Gain Huge Muscles (Bodybuilding) (youtube)